Our membership cards


3 options, for exceptional moments of relaxation…

Our well-being membership card

Our membership card offers access to many of our delicious and luxurious well-being treatments.

10-TREATMENT CARD: €1030  €803
A choice of ten 1-hour treatments from our selection

20-TREATMENT CARD: €2060    €1545
A choice of twenty 1-hour treatments from our selection


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Our "Relaxation bubble" cards

2 hours access to the Thermaespa (valid for 1 year from date of purchase)

6 "RELAXATION BUBBLES": €240 €200  (= 1 free visit to Thermaespa)
10 "RELAXATION BUBBLES": €400 €320  (= 2 free visit to Thermaespa)


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Our "Flight of fancy" cards

1 ½-hour access to the Thermaespa, followed by a choice of 1-hour treatments from our selection.

10 "FLIGHTS OF FANCY": €1330  €1037
20 "FLIGHTS OF FANCY": €2660  €1995


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