Try the experience of the starred restaurant in Var

The good reasons to choose a starred gourmet restaurant in Var

Is it still necessary to present the charms of Var department? its lively seaside resorts along the Mediterranean Sea, its hills lost in the countryside, its villages nestled in the heights, its optimal sunshine... Everyone will know how to find the reason that best suits them to conquer this unavoidable department in southern France. It concentrates everything that makes the country proud, including cooking! Between the coussignous, the tropezian tart, the chanteclair, the sardinade, the snails, the olives and the pastis, everything is present to prepare the perfect meal from the aperitif to the dessert. And if there is any way to enjoy the full range of local cuisine, it is by booking a table in a gourmet restaurant. Ranked from 1 to 3 stars by the Michelin guide, these unmissable establishments are among the best in their category. The award recognizes the richness of the dishes, the quality of the ingredients and the attention paid by the chef to the freshness of his menu and the satisfaction of his customers.

The perfect luxury boutique hotel to discover the best of Var cuisine

Hotel Bérard & spa is a 4-star hotel boutique in Var in the perched village of La Cadière d'Azur. Its name comes from the starred and renowned chef René Bérard who serves wonderful dishes, each one more wonderful than the next. In the gastronomic restaurant of this hotel with its swimming pool, you can enjoy the freshest meats, vegetables and cheeses of the area in an exceptional setting. In addition, in order to introduce you to his delicate and precise art, René Bérard also sometimes offers cooking workshops. Far from the standard menus of the restaurant chains or the lack of originality of many menus, the gourmet restaurant "Jean-François Bérard" is a 1-star Michelin restaurant in Var not to be missed. The chef also adapts to the season to guarantee the best dishes according to the month and the availability of ingredients. Thus, at Christmas, it is even possible to enjoy a special holiday menu.