Charming hotel in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

La Cadière d'Azur is a charming little Provençal village, it is even the Provençal village par excellence with its architecture, its view on the surrounding countryside from the top of the hill and the sun always high in the sky. To enjoy the charms of this region, there is an ideal place to do so, it is the Bérard & Spa Hotel, located in several small houses in the town. This is a charming hotel in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, 4 stars that allows you to choose from 33 sumptuous rooms and suites. You actually have a lot of choice. Not in the quality of the facilities, which all have a completely Provençal charm and offer great comfort, but in the panoramic view offered by the rooms. Some will overlook the vineyards of Bandol, others the Castellet, others the city of Cadière. Charming small towns that will honor this beautiful and charming hotel in the PACA region. You will also enjoy free Wi-Fi in each room and especially an outdoor swimming pool.

Charming weekend in PACA

Choosing a charming hotel in the PACA region is above all choosing the Bérard & Spa hotel. The rooms are the ones you need for an unforgettable stay in this beautiful French Riviera. It is also a unique place where you will enjoy a high-quality cuisine, the chef René Bérard is starred at the Michelin. A Provençal cuisine, fresh, friendly and offering a unique gustatory pleasure. A pleasure that you will learn to rediscover why not thanks to the cooking lessons that the chef himself gives or thanks to the oenology lessons given in the cellar of the establishment. Seminars, receptions, weddings and other group meetings are particularly well received between the comfort, privacy and services of this charming PACA hotel. Guests will recover from their day at the Aroma spa where you will combine the pleasures of balneotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy. More than a beautiful place to stay and enjoy Provence in its authenticity, this charming hotel in the PACA region awaits you to experience a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Your life will be punctuated by the cuisine, the moments of relaxation at the spa and the calm of the afternoons in the sun in Provence.